Noises Off Opens this Friday


Michael Frayn’s zany, backwards, and upside down 3 act comedy “Noises Off” will continue the Cutler Brother’s Summer Theatre Season in Deer Lodge beginning this Friday, July 8th. “Noises Off” was written by Frayn in 1982 after he attended a Broadway play and found the backstage antics more entertaining than what was actually happening on stage. The show recently opened again on Broadway last December at the American Airlines Theatre in New York.

“Noises Off” is exactly as the title suggests; a play about putting on a play and what actually happens behind the scenes. Act One takes the audience through the Weston Super Mare dress rehearsal where Lloyd the director (Kelly Cutler) is manically trying to keep his acting staff focused. Garry (Zane Cozby) wastes everybody’s time by asking bizarre questions while his stage lover Brooke (Annmarie Downey) can’t seem to keep her contacts in her eyes.


By the time two other actors, Freddy (Stuart Jewell) and Belinda (Carin Sullivan), make their stage entrances the dress rehearsal has seen several miscues, blood, and broken set doors which are fixed by the set designer Tim (Marquis Archuleta). The drama intensifies when the cast realizes that Garry and an older actress named Dotty (Cheri Taylor) have a “thing” together and the stage manager Poppy (Tina Saville) tries to explain to Lloyd the director that she is pregnant with his baby. To top it all off the company’s veteran actor Selsdon (Kyle Gillette) is drunk at rehearsal.

The play continues through Act Two where the audience is taken on a sneak peak of what “behind the scenes” of theatre truly looks like. The entire set is flipped and the craziness continues to ensue. By the time Act Three rolls around the cast relationships are tarnished and little effort goes into the performance. Selsdon continues to drink but this time with the entire cast joining him. The set falls apart and the cast blames it all on their director.



Kelly Cutler, the company’s actual director, said “My brother and I saw Noises Off earlier this year in New York City. And then again when Carroll College put it on.” He continued, “As soon as I saw the first scene I knew it was something our audiences would love. We have some solid comedians here and they can pull off crazy.”

“Noises Off” runs July 8th – 24th with performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 2:00 pm. Tickets are $15 – $20 and may be purchased by calling the Cutler Bros. Box Office at (406) 846-4096 or at All showings of “Noises Off” will be on the Cutler Brother’s Main Stage at 301 Main in Deer Lodge.

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