Summer Theater Lineup

This section includes the summer theater lineup for Cutler Bros. theater in western Montana.

2 Responses to Summer Theater Lineup

  1. Ted Delaney says:

    Kate and I loved Cinderella and I mentioned it to my mother who lives in a retirement home in Missoula called The Springs. The Springs has a bus and they take residents on daytrips and on occasion overnight trips. They have gone to plays in Hamilton and an overnighter to the Bigfork Playhouse.

    It occurred to me that they might enjoy a daytrip to see a Cutler Brothers Production, and to that end I tried to find your summer lineup to pass on to them on this website but could not.

    Would someone email me the lineup and I can forward to Grace at The Springs. Also the restaurant next door is a bonus so they could all eat before returning to Missoula. There would be maybe 16 or so and would need reservations for the play and the restaurant.

    Thank you Ted Delaney.


  2. Theresa cameron says:

    please update for those of us who are not on facebook.


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