Cutler Bros. Productions was formed during the summer of 1991, by brothers Kelly and Patrick Cutler.  Kelly was only six years old at the time while Patrick was seven, when they decided to start producing their own home-made films and plays.  In the early days, all the films were recorded on a VHS tape using a big RCA video camera.  During this period, video cameras were a brand new sensation, very expensive, and very faulty at times.  A few films in the early years with Cutler Bros. Productions were filmed without sound, due to technical difficulties with camera.  Those films still live on today as golden treasures in the Cutler Bros. vault of old VHS tapes.

The plays produced in the early years were performed wherever there was an audience.  Sometimes it would be in the backyard, sometimes in the kitchen, and sometimes all over the living room (as we needed to perform highly difficult stunts).  Since this early period, Cutler Bros. have grown and produced all kinds of different entertainment in all kinds of different formats, over time they have produced/created:  100s of short films (VHS/Digital/whatever was available at the time),  7 original plays, 2 full-length feature films, and 14 original comedy night shows.

The experience and amount productions by Cutler Bros. since 1991 is more than anyone I know (or have ever known) to create before they even hit their 30s, without a single solitary contract from any outside studio, big or small.  It is simply unimaginable the mass quantity of productions that Cutler Bros. have been able to produced with little to no resources available.

Cutler Bros. productions is a “self-made” independent production company that will continue to develop, write, direct, produce, edit, and whatever else you can imagine, until the end of time, with or without support or help from any kind of known studio….Why?….Because they can….


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  1. Dana Morris says:

    Dear Cutler Bros.,

    I see that you have an upcoming production of Annie. We have a full costume and set package for this production, and wanted to know if you have any rental needs for your production for costumes/sets. We are located in Orange, CA, which is near Los Angeles. We ship nationwide, and have low economical prices.

    Our packages work great for youth theater, high schools, colleges and community theater, and most costume packages are available for even large casts up to 50-75.

    For costumes, we would just need to know the age group of your cast, how many actors in your production, and the exact dates of your show, and we could put together a low quote for you. For sets, we would just need to know your stage dimensions and what all locations/looks of the show you are planning to use.

    We can rent just the costumes or just the sets. If you rent both costumes/sets we will discount the package price. You may also view pictures from our gallery at our website at: http://www.southerncaliforniayouththeater.com/

    Please review, and get back to us ASAP and let us help provide your costume and set needs for your upcoming production! Thank you for reading this, and best of luck on your upcoming show!!!

    Playhouse Rentals


  2. STilley says:

    Thank you very much for your offer, Dana. We actually have a theater in Missoula, MT that has always been great at providing us with costumes and props. However if we have any further needs then we will keep you in mind.


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