Kelly Cutler

Kelly Cutler has been performing in Montana theater groups since the age of six when he played a Pumpkin in the MCT show Cinderella.  Since that time, he has performed in nearly sixty five shows and several other venues including improv, fundraisers, volunteer dinners, and more.  Kelly’s favorite performances include A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (Pseudolous, Hero, Miles Gloriosus), Guys and Dolls (Benny Southstreet), Urinetown (Mr. Cladwell), Rumors (Lenny Ganz), Moon Over Buffalo (George Hay, Howard), Calamity Jane (Wild Bill Hickock), and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Adam Pontipee).
Kelly has written, directed, and performed in seven original plays as well as sixteen original SNL-styled comedy nights.  He has been accepted into The Second City Conservatory in Chicago, IL for improv.  Kelly has also performed with the Studio Thirteen Refugees in Milwaukee, started his own improv troupe in Montana, taught and directed at Devonshire Cultural Center in Skokie, IL, and filmed two feature length films with his production company which was founded in cooperation with his brothers.  Kelly thanks his family for their unending support on every wacky adventure he decides to take in life.  He is forever thankful to God for giving him his talents and blessed life performing and producing theater in beautiful western Montana.

Contact Info:
Phone #:  406-490-4698

3 Responses to Kelly Cutler

  1. kelly cutler says:

    will the real kelly cutler step forward lol.


  2. stephen howard says:

    Chad from the band Hemlock is looking for a place to play and thought that maybe they could play at the theatre. I have given them your number. I think they will be around here in October. Let me know what you think?


  3. Rachel says:


    I was wondering how I can find out more about the summer theater repertoire and auditions and such? Is there a number I can call?




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