Funny Stalk Official Premiere Scheduled for June 18th


The new Cutler Bros. Productions comedy website Funny Stalk will be officially launched during Territorial Days on Saturday, June 18th.  Cutler Bros. Theatre will be hosting an all-day open house displaying the latest works from the comedy channel, including several clips from the LA Comedy Fest film nominee “The Cottonwood City Project” and the latest comedic sensation “The Adventures of Pete and Kit” which is the first comedy of its kind!  There will also be a live stream of the territorial days parade, and many other events throughout the day.



“Funny Stalk was created as avenue for us to distribute our films and multimedia productions directly to our audience instead of waiting to go through the festivals and standard distribution routes,” stated co-founder Kelly Cutler.

“We’ve now completed 4 full-length feature films the past 10 years, worked different festivals, negotiated with different distributors, talked to several different agents, and have learned through these experiences that the best method is to have our content immediately available to our audience instead of having it sit on a shelf waiting for a major distribution deal that will take forever and probably never happen,” said executive producer Patrick Cutler.

“Thinking one of our independent films would somehow get a good distribution deal was always one big pipe dream, while Funny Stalk IS the pipe that will stream all our content out to the masses,” exclaimed Matthew Cutler, visionary editor and cinematographer.


“Oh it’s gonna be so cool.  Some of these videos we’re doing are so funny, there’s just nothing like it out there right now,” re-hashed Jameson Tilley, longtime veteran Cutler Bros. actor and stalwart of the Montana theatrical scene.

“Back in December, when the film was completed (The Adventures of Pete and Kit) I said two words to these guys:  YouTube Now,” said Rex Kendall, lead star of Funny Stalk’s latest comedy.


“We’re looking at a revival of our reality series Theater Impossible, bringing back some of our old classic comedies we created as kids, weekly new genre material based on current events, we have a lot of stuff in the works right now, it’s gonna great when we’re fully up and running,” Kelly Cutler said.

“By January, I expect us to have more views than Funny or Die…that’s where I’m setting the bar,” re-iterated Patrick Cutler.

“Life’s a stage you know, and you’re either on it or not….and I just thank god every day for Cutler Bros. Productions, otherwise I’d probably be dead right now,” said an emotional Jameson Tilley.

“I don’t know if this is going to be good or not, but I just told them, when you’re done, clean it up!” stated a fired-up Al Cutler.

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