Comedy Night

Kelly Cutler (center) in The Final Days of Hitler skit.

In the Summer of 2003, a set of skits were performed on the Rialto Stage in downtown Deer Lodge, Montana.  A type of production which had never been seen in the small southwestern Montana theater town, left the audience in tears from laughing so hard.  This became officially known as “Comedy Night 1″….unfortunately no video was ever taken of this performance, and it can only be remembered by the individuals who bore witness to this historical event.  Since then, 13 other Comedy Nights have been produced and performed, and they don’t appear to be stopping any time soon.

Comedy night has evolved into a standard two hour Saturday Night Live-style production involving live skits, crowd interactions, and raffles, while the audience is allowed to induce a heavy amount of alcohol.  The comedy and the audience have been so crazy in recent shows, that they have nearly (and almost literally) brought the roofs down in the small venues they take place in.


3 Responses to Comedy Night

  1. I had this great idea last night – Since Comedy Night (the first original) is the only one that never got recorded, I propose we try to “redo” it – We still have all the scripts somewhere, right?


    • Josh Cain says:

      I like Jeri-anne’s idea. Ya’ll should re-do it. No one will remember the skits, and even if they do it’d be great shot of nostalgia


  2. butch cutler says:

    Yes redo comedy nite number 1. think it would be nice to take a trip back in time. And thats all I have to say about that! daddy warbucks


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