“Loved it last night….. will be back for more during the summer!” –  Michael Blakely, after seeing his first performance ever at Cutler Bros. Theater.


“The best theatrical performances that Montana has to offer!” –  Rex Kendall, Silver State Post.


“Opening Night of Cinderella! What an amazing show! Congratulations to Cutler Bros. Productions and all the cast!” – Patrice Downey, avid theater goer.


“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the cast of “Cinderella” for making my Sunday afternoon so wonderful!!!!!”
-Patti Lowrance Duezabou, experienced professional theater choreographer.


“The entire city of Atlanta could not put on a better show than your performance of Guys and Dolls tonight!”
-Theater Attendee from Atlanta, Georgia


“We live in a town of over 35,000 people, and they could not put on a show anywhere near this quality!”
-Theater Attendee from Nebraska





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