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Theater Impossible is about professional theater group that tries to cast, direct, and a produce a theatrical play using random people in a small town in western Montana.  The Cutler Family has been doing Community Theater for many years in the small redneck town of Deer Lodge, Montana, and are constantly dealing with all the struggles of casting a show with random, unprofessional actors to trying to keep their small theater business afloat in an area that shows very little support or understanding for theatrical arts.

Theater Impossible gives you a dramatic, inside-look of how difficult and disastrous it can be trying to put-on a major musical production with very little help or talent available.  Watch, as the theatrical Cutler Family (led by two brothers) tries to put together a show using random people off the streets of a small town with a population of only 3,000 people.

Follow the chaos with: actors quitting shows, weird personalities with people who don’t belong in theater, backstage fights between the Cutler brothers, community actors getting drunk and trying to do a show, and many, many other issues and problems that occur while trying to put up a show.

An extremely original reality series that is the first-ever to give a behind-the-scenes look at the craziness and fireworks behind trying to do Community Theater.

No reality series similar to this has ever been made.  Many people have some familiarity with theater, but no idea what goes on behind the scenes.  I have many years of doing Community Theater and clear-cut knowledge of all the drama and chaos that happens.  There won’t be another reality show on tv that matches the chaos and drama that you see in a typical Community Theater production in a small town in western Montana.




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  1. Kim Stavlo says:

    Are you having a kids theatre school program this summer? If so, please let me know the dates. Molly had a blast last summer and wants to go again:)
    Also I may have some time to volunteer and assist with basic communication and voice issues.


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