St. Patrick’s Day Comedy Night


Cutler Brothers Productions of Deer Lodge will present their first ever St. Paddy’s Day comedy sketch show on Thursday, March 17th at 7:00 pm. The comedy show will be in the brother’s usual SNL-styled sketch format with St. Patrick-themed skits, a special guest host, and a musical guest.


Hosting the St. Paddy’s comedy performance will be Deer Lodge native Freddy Grunhuvd. Freddy is only the 5th female to host a Cutler Brother’s Comedy Night in the past 13 years. The comedy night core cast remains relatively the same with the addition of former hosts Ron Snow and Kyler Noll. Both men are making their 2nd debut on the Comedy Night stage.


Sketches for St. Paddy’s Day will be appropriately themed towards the holiday. Audience members will be entertained by Jim G. Tilley in a skit titled “The Leprechaun.” Another sketch called “Pinch for a Pinch” explores the long running St. Patrick’s tradition of pinching those not wearing the color green.



Other sketches for this 1st time performance include a spoof on Loony Tunes, an out of hand Inspirational Speaker, and a true-life exaggeration of buying a car at Dee Motors of Anaconda.

“We’ve always talked about doing a Comedy Night on St. Patrick’s Day,” said the show’s cofounder Kelly Cutler. He added, “It’s a fun holiday and that is the intention of Comedy Night. Fun.” Long time cast member and Montana State Prison employee Jim Cameron also spoke, “The Cutler Brothers said they’d do the show if 10 or more cast members jumped on board. Nearly every single one of us did. We enjoy bringing laughter to people.”
The St. Paddy’s Day Comedy Show will take place at Cutler Bros. Theatre in Deer Lodge. Tickets are $20 and include two drink tokens. Advanced reservations are highly recommended and may be made by calling the Cutler Bros. Box Office at (406) 846-4096. Visit for more information.

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