Jesus Christ Superstar Opens Friday


The final production of the Cutler Brother’s 2016 summer theatre season, “Jesus Christ Superstar,” will run on the brother’s main stage in Deer Lodge July 29th through August 14th. “Jesus Christ Superstar” is a rock opera written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. Webber has many other explosive credits including “Phantom of the Opera” and “Cats.”

“Jesus Christ Superstar” is a rock concert meshed with a Broadway musical that tells the story of the Passion through the eyes of Judas Iscariot (Mattthew Cutler). Throughout the play Judas attempts to warn Jesus (Blake Erickson) about the risks of preaching out against the Sanhedrin and the high priest’s dogma. High priest Caiaphas (Candace O’Brien) and high priest Annas (Josh Pentland) look to put an end to Jesus’ discourse as he begins to draw more and more followers and attention. Jesus’ biggest supporters include Simon Peter (Marquis Archuleta) and Mary Magdalene (Tiana Albery).

As the play rocks on Jesus is placed under the microscope of ridicule and is eventually arrested under the counts of blasphemy and treachery by the temple guards. He is brought before the high priests before being sent to the next in line to Caesar, Pontius Pilate (Kelly Cutler). All the while Jesus’ mother Mary (Muriah Alexander Buck) watches with impending anxiety the beating and eventual crucifixion of her son.

“Jesus Christ Superstar” is a 1970’s rock opera that is sung-through with no spoken dialogue. The play has heavy and dark themes not recommended for young children and the weak of stomach. Many films have been made implementing the musical’s soundtrack and the play opened on Broadway on October 12th of 1971 directed by Tom O’Horgan.

The rock opera is supplemented with an eight-piece orchestra including electric guitars, synthesizers, violins, and an extensive drum set. “The orchestra is phenomenal,” said the show’s director Kelly Cutler. He went on, “I would recommend everyone to learn a little about the Passion before attending the show and expect a roller coaster ride of emotions and a rock concert feel.”

The rock opera plays in Deer Lodge on Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 pm and Sunday afternoons at 2:00 pm for the next three weeks. Reservations are highly recommended as the theatre space is limited and they may be made by calling the box office at (406) 846-4096. For questions, directions, or more information call the number above or visit Tickets are $15 for the evening showings and $20 for the Sunday matinees.

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Noises Off Opens this Friday


Michael Frayn’s zany, backwards, and upside down 3 act comedy “Noises Off” will continue the Cutler Brother’s Summer Theatre Season in Deer Lodge beginning this Friday, July 8th. “Noises Off” was written by Frayn in 1982 after he attended a Broadway play and found the backstage antics more entertaining than what was actually happening on stage. The show recently opened again on Broadway last December at the American Airlines Theatre in New York.

“Noises Off” is exactly as the title suggests; a play about putting on a play and what actually happens behind the scenes. Act One takes the audience through the Weston Super Mare dress rehearsal where Lloyd the director (Kelly Cutler) is manically trying to keep his acting staff focused. Garry (Zane Cozby) wastes everybody’s time by asking bizarre questions while his stage lover Brooke (Annmarie Downey) can’t seem to keep her contacts in her eyes.


By the time two other actors, Freddy (Stuart Jewell) and Belinda (Carin Sullivan), make their stage entrances the dress rehearsal has seen several miscues, blood, and broken set doors which are fixed by the set designer Tim (Marquis Archuleta). The drama intensifies when the cast realizes that Garry and an older actress named Dotty (Cheri Taylor) have a “thing” together and the stage manager Poppy (Tina Saville) tries to explain to Lloyd the director that she is pregnant with his baby. To top it all off the company’s veteran actor Selsdon (Kyle Gillette) is drunk at rehearsal.

The play continues through Act Two where the audience is taken on a sneak peak of what “behind the scenes” of theatre truly looks like. The entire set is flipped and the craziness continues to ensue. By the time Act Three rolls around the cast relationships are tarnished and little effort goes into the performance. Selsdon continues to drink but this time with the entire cast joining him. The set falls apart and the cast blames it all on their director.



Kelly Cutler, the company’s actual director, said “My brother and I saw Noises Off earlier this year in New York City. And then again when Carroll College put it on.” He continued, “As soon as I saw the first scene I knew it was something our audiences would love. We have some solid comedians here and they can pull off crazy.”

“Noises Off” runs July 8th – 24th with performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 2:00 pm. Tickets are $15 – $20 and may be purchased by calling the Cutler Bros. Box Office at (406) 846-4096 or at All showings of “Noises Off” will be on the Cutler Brother’s Main Stage at 301 Main in Deer Lodge.

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Funny Stalk Official Premiere Scheduled for June 18th


The new Cutler Bros. Productions comedy website Funny Stalk will be officially launched during Territorial Days on Saturday, June 18th.  Cutler Bros. Theatre will be hosting an all-day open house displaying the latest works from the comedy channel, including several clips from the LA Comedy Fest film nominee “The Cottonwood City Project” and the latest comedic sensation “The Adventures of Pete and Kit” which is the first comedy of its kind!  There will also be a live stream of the territorial days parade, and many other events throughout the day.



“Funny Stalk was created as avenue for us to distribute our films and multimedia productions directly to our audience instead of waiting to go through the festivals and standard distribution routes,” stated co-founder Kelly Cutler.

“We’ve now completed 4 full-length feature films the past 10 years, worked different festivals, negotiated with different distributors, talked to several different agents, and have learned through these experiences that the best method is to have our content immediately available to our audience instead of having it sit on a shelf waiting for a major distribution deal that will take forever and probably never happen,” said executive producer Patrick Cutler.

“Thinking one of our independent films would somehow get a good distribution deal was always one big pipe dream, while Funny Stalk IS the pipe that will stream all our content out to the masses,” exclaimed Matthew Cutler, visionary editor and cinematographer.


“Oh it’s gonna be so cool.  Some of these videos we’re doing are so funny, there’s just nothing like it out there right now,” re-hashed Jameson Tilley, longtime veteran Cutler Bros. actor and stalwart of the Montana theatrical scene.

“Back in December, when the film was completed (The Adventures of Pete and Kit) I said two words to these guys:  YouTube Now,” said Rex Kendall, lead star of Funny Stalk’s latest comedy.


“We’re looking at a revival of our reality series Theater Impossible, bringing back some of our old classic comedies we created as kids, weekly new genre material based on current events, we have a lot of stuff in the works right now, it’s gonna great when we’re fully up and running,” Kelly Cutler said.

“By January, I expect us to have more views than Funny or Die…that’s where I’m setting the bar,” re-iterated Patrick Cutler.

“Life’s a stage you know, and you’re either on it or not….and I just thank god every day for Cutler Bros. Productions, otherwise I’d probably be dead right now,” said an emotional Jameson Tilley.

“I don’t know if this is going to be good or not, but I just told them, when you’re done, clean it up!” stated a fired-up Al Cutler.

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Damn Yankees Set to Hit the Stage!

“Damn Yankees,” the Bob Fosse-infused dance musical, will bring a new meaning to 1950’s American baseball on the Cutler Bros. stage in Deer Lodge this coming June. “Damn Yankees” is a musical comedy with book by George Abbott and Douglass Wallop and music and lyrics by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. The story is a modern retelling of the Faust legend set during the 1950s in Washington, D.C., during a time when the New York Yankees dominated Major League Baseball.

The musical begins with old Joe Boyd (Rex Kendall) screaming at the television set as his beloved Washington Senators are once again about to lose. His humble wife, Meg (Marin Sewell), stands idly by sewing and talking to herself. Once Meg is far from earshot Joe is presented with a proposition from Mr. Applegate (Timiki Salinas), who happens to be the devil. Joe agrees to put his soul on the line for a chance to play for the Washington Senators and is instantly transformed into 22-year old baseball phenome Joe Hardy (Blake Erickson).


Young Joe is presented with many obstacles including making the team with Coach Van Buren (Kyle Gillette) and becoming homesick for his wife who believes he has “gone away on business.” To distract Young Joe from his wife Mr. Appelgate provides him with the seductress Lola (Mariann Cameron). Her key job is to sidetrack Joe until midnight on the twenty fourth of September when his soul becomes the property of Mr. Applegate. Luckily Joe had implemented an “escape clause” and dodges eternal damnation in the nick of time as he runs home to his wife.


“Damn Yankees” is the 2nd show of the Cutler Brother’s 2016 Summer Theatre Season and runs Fridays – Sundays, June 10th – July 3rd. Several University of Montana vocal and dance majors will take parts in the show including Marin Sewell, Annmarie Downey, and Marquis Archuleta. Timiki Salinas joins the Montana cast from Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh where he studies theatre. Brent Volf, who currently teaches in eastern Montana and has performed in New York and Italy, will take the task of musical director for the show. Volf will be complimented with an eight piece orchestra coming from all corners of the state.

Friday and Saturday performances of “Damn Yankees” begin at 7:30 pm and tickets are $15. Sunday matinees begin at 2:00 pm and tickets are $20. For reservations, questions, or directions call the box office at (406) 846-4096 or visit

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Rising Star Academy Theatre Camp Sign-ups


Rising Star Academy Theatre Camp
Grades 3rd – 9th
Two week day camp
Registration 3:00 June 3rd at Cutler Bros. Theatre
Followed by FREE pizza party and movie screening of Bye Bye Birdie Tuition includes T-shirts and FREE admission to Damn Yankees musical at Cutler Bros. Theatre. Picnic and Pool party!
Final Showcase Musical: Two performances of “Bye Bye Birdie”

Click Here to Download Application

2106 Rising Stars Academy Brochure

Call 846-4096 for any questions

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On Golden Pond kicks off the Summer Season


“On Golden Pond,” the Hepburn and Fonda beloved classic, will kick off the Cutler Brother’s 2016 summer theatre season on Friday, April 29th in Deer Lodge. The stage version of this well-known story was written by Ernest Thompson and opened its first Broadway production on February 28th, 1979 at the New Apollo Theatre. It won several Drama Desk Awards as well as a Tony in the category of Best Actress.

“On Golden Pond” follows Ethel and Norman Thayer Jr., an elderly couple who insist they are “middle-aged,” at their rustic summer cabin on Golden Pond. The sarcastic and quick-witted duo have been married for 48 years and their exploits are like clockwork. When the Thayer’s favorite postal worker Charlie comes to their doorstep by boat they are overjoyed to reunite. Charlie’s cheery and nervous personality quickly erodes to melancholy nature when he hears the news that the Thayer’s forty two year old daughter Chelsea is engaged to her new boyfriend Bill. Chelsea has been Charlie’s crush since they were in middle school.



The adventures at Golden Pond continue when Chelsea and Bill show up and reveal that they brought a guest with them; Bill’s smart-mouthed, “midget” son Billy Ray. When Chelsea asks her elderly parents if they will watch the rebel 13-year old for a month, Norman is understandably reserved. Despite the initial reaction from Norman, the incongruent couple become good friends and even better fishing buddies.

“On Golden Pond” is a sentimental roller coaster throughout. Embedded in the Thayer sarcasm are the deep sub plots of a daughter beckoning her father’s approval and a 79-year old man that feels useless through his own self-pity. Kyle Gillette, a recognizable face to the Deer Lodge stage, plays Norman Thayer Jr. while Cutler Bros. rookie Sally Bridgham takes on the demanding role of Ethel. Rounding out the cast are Deer Lodge favorites Jenn Logan as Chelsea, Jim Tilley as Bill, and Stuart Jewell as Charlie. Dane Thompson, an 8th grader at EF Duvall in Deer Lodge, will show his cool side as Billy Ray.

Cutler Brothers Productions will present “On Golden Pond” Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 2:00 pm, April 29th – May 8th. Tickets are $15-$20 and reservations are recommended, especially on the Mother’s Day performance. Reservations may be made by calling the Box Office at (406) 846-4096 or at

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Lukas Seely April Fool’s Day Show


April Fool’s Day, this Friday April 1st, Cutler Brothers Productions will host Los Angeles-based comedian Lukas Seely and friends on their Deer Lodge stage. Seely performed on the Cutler Bros. stage nearly two years ago and is returning by popular demand. The stand-up comedy show will begin at 8:00 pm.

Lukas Seely started comedy back in his hometown of Billings, MT before relocating to Seattle, WA in 2004. Lukas soon became a crowd favorite in the Seattle Comedy scene and had since moved to Los Angeles, California where he regularly performs at The Hollywood Improv, The Comedy Store and many other venues.


Seely was nominated as an Emerging Comic in the New York Underground Comedy Festival and recently opened for Bill Burr on the “Billy Red State Tour.” Lukas has also worked with such names as Dane Cook, Damon Wayans, Russell Peters, Sarah Silverman, Ron White, Greg Giraldo, and Daniel Tosh to name a few. Most recently Lukas performed as the Goofy Weather Man during the 49rs official 2015 NFL season.

The April Fool’s Day comedy show will note the 6th time Cutler Bros. Productions have produced live stand-up comedians from across the nation. The company has since brought to town “Comedy Central’s” Kevin Shea, New York-based comedian Thomas Dale, several contestants from the “Big Sky Comedy Festival,” and Theo Vonn, who currently has his own “Netflix” special. Accompanying Mr. Seely for the April 1st show will be Will Thomas and Phillip Tilley.

Tickets to the April Fool’s Day comedy show are $15 and may be reserved by calling the Cutler Bros. Box Office at (406) 846-4096 or may be purchased at the door. For more information call the number above or visit

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St. Patrick’s Day Comedy Night


Cutler Brothers Productions of Deer Lodge will present their first ever St. Paddy’s Day comedy sketch show on Thursday, March 17th at 7:00 pm. The comedy show will be in the brother’s usual SNL-styled sketch format with St. Patrick-themed skits, a special guest host, and a musical guest.


Hosting the St. Paddy’s comedy performance will be Deer Lodge native Freddy Grunhuvd. Freddy is only the 5th female to host a Cutler Brother’s Comedy Night in the past 13 years. The comedy night core cast remains relatively the same with the addition of former hosts Ron Snow and Kyler Noll. Both men are making their 2nd debut on the Comedy Night stage.


Sketches for St. Paddy’s Day will be appropriately themed towards the holiday. Audience members will be entertained by Jim G. Tilley in a skit titled “The Leprechaun.” Another sketch called “Pinch for a Pinch” explores the long running St. Patrick’s tradition of pinching those not wearing the color green.



Other sketches for this 1st time performance include a spoof on Loony Tunes, an out of hand Inspirational Speaker, and a true-life exaggeration of buying a car at Dee Motors of Anaconda.

“We’ve always talked about doing a Comedy Night on St. Patrick’s Day,” said the show’s cofounder Kelly Cutler. He added, “It’s a fun holiday and that is the intention of Comedy Night. Fun.” Long time cast member and Montana State Prison employee Jim Cameron also spoke, “The Cutler Brothers said they’d do the show if 10 or more cast members jumped on board. Nearly every single one of us did. We enjoy bringing laughter to people.”
The St. Paddy’s Day Comedy Show will take place at Cutler Bros. Theatre in Deer Lodge. Tickets are $20 and include two drink tokens. Advanced reservations are highly recommended and may be made by calling the Cutler Bros. Box Office at (406) 846-4096. Visit for more information.

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