34th Annual Comedy Night Coming this Christmas!


The Cutler Brother’s 34th Comedy Night will take place Friday, December 23rd on the brother’s main stage in Deer Lodge. The Comedy Night will have holiday themes and is fully written by Matthew and Kelly Cutler. This marks the 14th straight year the small-town entertainment company has produced a Christmas Comedy Night.

The Cutler Brother’s Comedy Night takes on the SNL-style with funny sketches as well as a guest host from the community and a musical guest. The 2016 Christmas host will be Abby Kellicut, who previously owned Cattail Floral in town, and the directors are still working on a musical guest for the event. Comedy Night is given a PG-13 rating by the brothers in terms of language and content.


Other cast members for the 2016 comedy show include valley favorites Matthew and Kelly Cutler, Jim and Theresa Cameron, Zane Cozby, Stuart Jewell, Kyle Gillette, Jenn Logan, Rex Kendall, Jim Tilley, and Dane Thompson. Brandon Forson, who joined the Cutler Brother’s Creepshow this year and was last seen as Buddy the Elf in “Miracle on 34th Street,” will make his comedy night debut. Butte’s radio personality Carin Sullivan will also show her comedy chops along with Jenna Singleton making her first comedy night appearance since 2009.

Sketches for Comedy Night 34 include a sequel to the gothic Christmas Band, a spoof on Judge Judy, a new rendition of “Miracle on 34th Street,” a group meeting called “Overly Sensitive Anonymous,” and much more. Kelly Cutler and Jenn Logan will inform audience members during their Comedy Night News segment and host Kellicut will deliver an intro monologue as seen in all Cutler Bros. Comedy Nights.

The 34th Comedy Night, ironically falling in the same month the company produced “Miracle on 34th Street,” will begin at 7:30 pm and reservations are highly recommended as Comedy Nights generally sell out. Tickets are $10 – $15 and may be reserved by calling the Cutler Bros. box office at (406) 846-4096. Visit cutlerbros.com for more information.

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