Creepshow Returns…and Promises to Be the Scariest in Montana!


The Cutler Brother’s Creepshow is back for its 5th year and it promises to be the scariest yet! This year’s Creepshow is themed around the idea of “The Purge.” All crime is legal for one day a year and the audience will find themselves stuck in that day. The show will be formatted as a stage show as well as a haunted house with an interactive feel.

Audience members will be introduced to the story of “The Purge” and hurled into the chaos as they are stalked and chased by murderers, drug addicts, and far worse criminals. All shows will take place at the Cutler Brother’s Theatre in Deer Lodge from October 27th – Halloween night. Three shows will take place each evening at 7:00 pm, 8:30 pm, and 10:00 pm. Reservations will only be taken at the door the night of each Purge and plenty of space is available as the Creepshow can “purge” up to 125 individuals at a time. The show lasts approximately 40 minutes.

Creepshow began in 2012 when the Cutler brothers decided to put on an October-scare fest. The first two years took place at the brother’s theatre with the themes of an insane asylum and then a nuclear waste spill. In 2014 the production company moved their annual Creepshow to the Old Montana Prison. The Creepshow employed the scare-tactics of nearly 40 individuals and while at the Old Prison the themes consisted of Killer Clowns and last year’s infamous cannibalistic tribe with hints of “The Green Inferno.”

“Moving back to the theatre has its perks and its upside,” said the show’s director Kelly Cutler. He added, “It’s a smaller space which allows us to have more control and a lot of people don’t know about some of our nooks and crannies like the theatre’s basement. Plus we can heat the whole facility.”

Matthew Cutler, this year’s author of the Creepshow, stated, “It’s going to be a lot different from year’s past. It’s half a stage show and half a haunted house.” Jim K. Tilley, long time Cutler brother actor, added, “After the initial meetings for this year’s show I left with chills. They have some really amazing ideas to entertain people this October.” Matthew Cutler concluded, “We thought “The Purge” would be a good theme since this is an actual election year and everybody can relate.”

Creepshow tickets are $10 for general admission and $15 for front row seats which comes with a free Cutler Brother’s Creepshow T-shirt. Tickets will be sold out of the brother’s theatre up to ½ hour prior to show time on the nights of the show. Audience members are asked to leave cell phones and electronic devices outside the theatre and to come with an open mind ready to be chilled.

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