Comedy Night 33 Slated for Friday, August 19th


As “Jesus Christ Superstar” prepares for its final weekend run in Deer Lodge, Cutler Bros. Productions have begun rehearsals for the final show of 2016 in Comedy Night 33. The entertainment company generally produces three or four of the SNL-styled comedy shows per year and their summer rendition will commence on Friday, August 19th at 8:00 pm.

Comedy Night is a Deer Lodge staple that began in 2003 and has run successfully now for fourteen years. The show consists of a special guest host, who in the past has seen the likes of Deer Lodge mayors, doctors, and bankers, an array of comedic sketches, and a musical guest. Comedy Night is given a PG-13 rating by Cutler Bros. Productions and takes on the structure and themes of Saturday Night Live in New York.

The 33rd Comedy Night’s guest host will be Deer Lodge native and past city figurehead Daryle Barton. “I’ve seen multiple Comedy Nights and I love them,” stated Barton. Barton, who is married and is the father of two high school daughters, went on to show his support for the Deer Lodge production company and their valiant efforts to bring tourism and quality entertainment to the small town.

Comedy Night 33 will see several familiar faces in the cast including Kelly and Matt Cutler, Jim and Theresa Cameron, Zane Cozby, Stuart Jewell, Kyler Noel, Kyle Gillette, Rex Kendall, Jenn Logan, Tina Saville, and Annmarie Downey. Anaconda-native and the voice of Butte-radio Carin Sullivan will also join the cast. Dane Thompson, the young actor going into his freshman year of high school at PCHS, will make his Comedy Night debut after the writers realized they needed a youthful face in the cast.

Sketches for this comedy night will poke fun at several current events and themes. Skits include spoofs on the summer Olympics and “Gladiator,” a sketch about “What Men Actually Think,” a basketball coach that only gives pep talks stolen from famous movies, and much more including the beloved Comedy Night News. The musical guest will be 7th Passing who are currently concluding their work on “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

Comedy Night 33 will take place on the Cutler Bros. Main Stage in Deer Lodge. Tickets are $10 – $15 and reservations are highly recommended to be made at (406) 846-4096. For more information call the number or visit

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